Our Story

Pharos Resources is a service-based software company passionate about student success. We are a team with rich and varied experiences in higher education. Our deep knowledge of institutional processes, student support practices, technology ecosystems, departmental and practitioner needs, and resource gaps has shaped our technology and our consulting processes.


matt boisvert

Matt Boisvert

President and Co-founder
rachel phillips-buck

Rachel Phillips-Buck

Vice President for Student Success
james langford

James Langford

Chief Information Officer
josh dockery

Josh Dockery

Director of Software Development
Rachel Elam

Rachel Elam

Director of Success Initiatives
bradon carey owens

Bradon Carey Owens

Director of Operations
shawna nehl

Shawna Nehl

Director of Client Development
viva gore

Viva Gore

Director of Retention Intelligence
Rebekah Green Headshot

Rebekah Green

Director of Client Success

Did You Know?

Pharos of Alexandria was the world’s first lighthouse, built in 280 B.C on the island of Pharos. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and stood for 1,500 years. Today, Pharos 360 and our Relational Retention approach provides a beacon for students on your campus.

students in a classroom

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