All in One Platform
for Student Success

The promise you make to your students is powerful.
We are committed to making it possible.

  • Unique Approach

    Passion about guiding students on the pathway to engagement and success is the core of Relational Retention.

  • Next Generation Early Alert

    Innovative solutions that help your school develop an effective Early Alert process.

  • Holistic Retention

    Providing colleges and universities with solutions that reinforce a culture of student care.

  • Outstanding Commitment

    With our background in higher education, we are committed to making student success possible.

Our solutions are for...

  • Administration

    Pharos Retention software provides a powerful combination of student success and retention tools. Our patented approach will deliver increased retention rates, improved team efficiency, campus connectedness, along with measurable outcomes.

  • Directors and Managers

    Today, Student Success at your institution demands a balance of efficient processes and intuitive technology to empower your team and deliver results. Pharos was created by a team just like yours. We understand the challenges that are inherent in identifying and managing at-risk cohorts. We know the importance relationships have in improving student success. Our tools are designed to enhance your work and give you exactly what you need to be successful.

  • Advisors and Tutors

    We know you want to spend your time with your students and Pharos Resources has created a powerful combination of tools to help you do just that. Minimize time-consuming administrative tasks like looking up data, creating case notes, coordinating schedules, and measuring your work. Your relationships with your students are key to their success. Let us help you spend more time on your meaningful work.