Pharos PIVOT is a new approach to holistic, restorative student conduct cases at your institution. Leveraging the relational power of Pharos 360, PIVOT gives you a deeper insight about your students and enhances your connection to the campus community. Gathering information from academics, student life, financial aid, and athletics ensures that you have a clear understanding of a student’s experience and issues while addressing conduct cases.

Why Pivot? 

Tech Specs

  • RA & RD Access

  • Customizable Incident Reports

  • Process Management

  • Email Templates

  • Attach Multiple Students to incidents

  • Identify Witness Respondent & Complainant

  • Include Unknown Respondents

  • Notify Campus Security

  • Applied Sanction Creation & Notification

  • Clery Reporting

  • Title IX

  • Biased Incidents

  • Manage All Student Student Conduct Processes

  • FERPA, FIPPA and PIPA Compliance

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