Our History

Pharos Resources is a service-based software company passionate about student success. We were developed with direct ties to schools with a staff linked to the education system in many unique ways. This gives us a rich knowledge of institutional processes, student support systems, department functionality, and especially the resource gaps that exist within schools. To create solutions to this problem and other institutional and student needs, Pharos Resources was developed.

Our name comes from the world’s first lighthouse, built on the island of Pharos. Built in 280 B.C., it was named one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, standing for 1,500 years. Today, our Relational Retention solutions provide a beacon on your campus to identify and guide at-risk students to the appropriate resources before it is too late.


We are committed to student success and believe in building powerful partnerships with our clients.

Matt Boisvert

President and Co-founder

Josh Dockery

Director of Software Development

Harv McQueen

Senior Software Engineer

Shawna Nehl

Director of Client Development