Robust data analytics service that gives you the Spark you need to address at-risk populations and provide specific measurements of cohort intervention outcomes.



It can be boring. It can pile up on your desk…but it reassures you that at least something is being measured! Data that has little impact on your practical student success work is not lively.

Data has to spark your curiosity, improve your work, and drive you to action.

It should provide excitement and energy that propels you forward. Data must inspire and equip you to act.

Pharos will work with you to develop institutional-specific data analytics that provide:


     on your students


    of your work


    retention successes (and challenges)

What's included

  • Student Profiles (5 standard reports)

  • Pharos 360 Performance Measurements (5 standard reports)

  • Retention Analysis (5 standard reports)

  • Custom Reports (Up to 10 custom reports per year)

What others are saying

Why Pharos Spark?


  • Pharos 360 Usage
    View your actions and time spent by log type
  • Referral by Month
    Plan ahead for busy times during the semester
  • Grant-based Measurements
    Provide documentation of interventions with specified cohorts
  • Referrals by Risk Level
    Visualize Pharos Focus and risk as it relates to frontline referrals
  • Identify Common Factors
    View your personalized campus Early Alert factors

Identifies institutional trends and unique risk factors


Creates visualizations of populations, interactions, and performance with graphic displays


Displays personalized dashboards to evaluate key metrics and performance indicators.


Provides a data analyst as a partner in the creation of reports and discovery of data trends



Allows you to tell a compelling, data verified story of your current interventions outcomes.



Makes it easy to distribute findings to key campus partners and administration