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COVID-19: Higher Ed Community Resources

Dear colleagues,

This is an incredibly difficult time. We are in the middle of an unprecedented crisis, and we know your response to rapidly-changing student needs requires your full energy. You are doing important work. The transformative power of student development is vital.

Since 2008, Pharos Resources has delivered a holistic, relationship-focused approach to student success. This is even more valuable today. Because we are passionate about student success and the power of community, it is important to share our tools and best practices with you. 

Please share these resources with anyone in Higher Ed. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and be strong partners to you through this extraordinary time.

COVID-19: Higher Ed Resources Playlist

Mission First Webinar Series

Cap & Gown Podcast for Higher Education

Kintsugi: Embracing the Broken Cap & Gown

In this episode of Cap & Gown, we talk about the first step of Kintsugi: Embracing the Broken. Over the past year, “traditional” higher education has experienced significant challenges, broken processes, and new pressures. Rachel Phillips-Buck and Anthony Melchiorri challenge you to embrace what is broken, honor yourself, choose the repairs, and imagine the future. This episode will help equip you for a golden repair of your institutional systems and practices.  Watch or listen to past episodes and sign up for weekly Zoom invites here: — Send in a voice message:
  1. Kintsugi: Embracing the Broken
  2. All of Your Fall 2021 Enrollment Questions Answered!
  3. Kintsugi: The Six Steps to a Golden Repair of Higher Education
  4. Behind the Mask: Supporting the "Not Yet Registered"
  5. Use the "Six Thinking Hats" to Avoid Future Pitfalls
  6. Sense of Belonging: What Does the Research Say?
  7. Creating a Sense of Belonging: Upstream Thinking
  8. Sense of Belonging: A Student's Perspective
  9. Creating a Sense of Belonging
  10. Welcome to the Cap & Gown Podcast

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The Pharos Team