When it comes to student care, we know that there’s more than one way to approach the issues. It’s all about being able to adapt the technology and discovering the best way to utilize it on your campus. That’s why we would like to extend a special recognition to Wheaton College for their incredibly unique use of our software!

Allison Ash, the Associate Dean of Student Care and Services, realized that Residence Life and the dorm experience is the front-line of student relationships. This is why Wheaton uses this system not only across its campus, but in its Residence Life offices and dorms as well. Using our software, they can take the meaningful relationships between Residence Life and students and use technology to facilitate an efficient environment of care.


“From the time they enter the referral until we have a live person standing in front of the student; it’s not going into cyber land where nobody will ever see it. The system really does work!”

– Allison Ash


The primary goal is student care and the secondary priority is retention.

By allowing their RAs, GRAs, and RDs to make referrals, they can more easily manage student relationships and allow students to seek help in a safe, comfortable environment. Allison has said, “The primary goal is student care and the secondary priority is retention. Our hope is to care for students well and to trust that will equate to greater retention.”

Truly, Wheaton College is a shining example of how important relational retention can be!

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Sam Martinez is a Marketing Intern with Pharos Resources and is also a full-time student at Abilene Christian University. She studies Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Graphic Design and is a proud member of the Pharos team.

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