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Sam Martinez is a Marketing Intern with Pharos Resources and is also a full-time student at Abilene Christian University. She studies Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Graphic Design and is a proud member of the Pharos team.

To many it is just a number, to some it is just a fancy word to flout about, and to few it isn’t even in their vocabulary. This simple word means so much yet is hardly understood; in the massive world of academia it is easy to forget what it really means. The dictionary defines […]

Today, we would like to extend a special spotlight to Abilene Christian University. If you’ve had the pleasure of reading our story then you know that Pharos Resources had its humble beginning within this amazing University. Thanks to the incredible collaborative efforts of these outstanding professionals, the concept of Early Alert was revolutionized.   And it all […]

The mission of higher education should be more than simply delivering a lecture or providing academic counseling, then moving on to the next semester. While that might be your primary job description as a college professional, those who really make a difference believe that a great education is not just about education, it’s about care, […]

When it comes to student care, we know that there’s more than one way to approach the issues. It’s all about being able to adapt the technology and discovering the best way to utilize it on your campus. That’s why we would like to extend a special recognition to Wheaton College for their incredibly unique […]

We would like to extend a special congratulations to Hardin-Simmons University for its record-breaking implementation time! Hardin-Simmons faculty were trained and began using our software in just two weeks, and not only have they readily adopted our software but they also improved their retention by 2% in just their first semester with Pharos.

Campuses often define retention as keeping students enrolled, but this simple definition doesn’t encompass all of the practices that help students persist in their goals. Retention should be focused on student support, which is why we want to thank The King’s College for their incredible efforts in achieving this goal!

  When it comes to student retention, there is nothing more important than communication. Over the past three years, Emory & Henry College has done an amazing job improving their campus-wide communications and we want to recognize them for their incredible turnaround!

Part of what makes student retention so difficult is that it’s a different process for each school. No two colleges are alike, so it’s up to each university to work to custom-fit innovations for their school. Today, we would like to give recognition to Wesley College for their amazing (and continuing) efforts in proactively improving […]

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