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Rachel Phillips-Buck is the Vice President and a Senior Consultant at Pharos Resources. She works closely with clients to create and coordinate best retention practices on their campuses. She has worked with Pharos 360 since 2006, helping to develop and implement this early alert system on campuses throughout the United States. Prior to her work with Pharos Resources, she worked as a career counselor at Abilene Christian University. She taught the Career and Life Planning Class, and created and delivered the “D!scovery for Deciding” program, a five-week program that helps students choose, confirm and focus his/her major. Rachel is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and approaches all of her work with Pharos Resources with a perspective informed by her training in Systems Theory. Rachel received a BS in Psychology and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from ACU.

Many of our clients have already made decisions to extend Spring Break and/or move to 100% online courses. In the midst of the incredible logistics challenges you are facing, we have been working hard to create tools and best practices to support you and your students in the coming weeks and months.  Here is a […]

Serve the students you have, not the students you wish you had. George D. Kuh often expresses this sentiment when he is describing what DEEP (Documenting Effective Educational Practice) schools do. As Jason De Sousa puts it, schools are “obligated to work with the students they have, not those they wish they had,” and that […]

I love the rhythm of the academic life. We are finishing the season of work and entering the season of rest. Andy Crouch recently said, “We are made for work and rest, not for toil and leisure.“ What a great reminder. Friends, we have worked hard!  And…we get do good, important and meaningful work. Matthew Litchfield […]

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