12Mar 2019
Skyfactor and Pharos Resources

Pharos Resources is proud to announce a partnership with Skyfactor, a Macmillan Learning Company, to provide stronger identification, assessment, and solutions to improve student retention and success.

The partnership will integrate Skyfactor’s product Benchworks’ New Student Survey which provides insight into how new students are acclimating to college with Pharos 360, a tool that enables colleges to take action on what they’ve learned. Together, these solutions will provide administrators the ability to expertly assess, monitor, and manage the student experience.

“Since 2010, Pharos has been focused on developing powerful tools to enhance the important work of engaging at-risk students. Our partnership with SkyFactor now provides the seamless integration of their research-driven assessments and our Relational Retention technology. This is a truly unique system for Higher Education to improve student outcomes,” said Rachel Phillips-Buck, Vice President of Student Success for Pharos Resources.

To learn more, visit the full press release.

08Feb 2018
FYE 2018

The next stop for us in 2018 is San Antonio, Texas. We’re excited to exhibit at the 37th annual FYE conference. Matt Boisvert and Rachel Phillips-Buck are looking forward being with those in attendance.


Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience

37th Annual FYE
February 10 – 13, 2018
Grand Hyatt San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas


Will you be in attendance? Let us know and we’ll look forward to meeting up with you!

19Jan 2018

We are kicking off our 2018 conference season at CCCU’s International Forum in Dallas, TX. Four of our team members will be in attendance: Matt Boisvert, Rachel Phillips-Buck, Rachel Elam and Loree Houghton. We look forward to catching up with familiar faces and meeting some new ones!


We’re also excited to announce two of our partner institutions will be presenting at the conference:

  • Carrie Stockton, Dean of Student Success at Biola University, will be leading a presentation called, Retention Is Everyone’s Business… That Is Much Easier Said Than Done (We Did It!).

    Description: Retention and student support should be a whole campus initiative, but it can be difficult to integrate the myriad aspects of a student’s life to formulate a successful and comprehensive support plan. By identifying the key touch points for a Biola student, and working to combine and share data that was previously siloed in either academics or student life, we were able to create a more connected campus and provide better support to our students. This session will include practical suggestions for any practitioner who is interested in creating a more holistic support system for their students.

  • Stacey Martin, Dean for Student Engagement at Hardin-Simmons University, will be joining colleagues in a joint presentation called, How I Made Half a Million Dollars by Supporting Students.

    Description: Approximately 75% of students who leave college early do so in their first two years. This interactive workshop will discuss why the first years of college are a crucial time for risk of departure and more importantly, as faculty at Christian institutions, what can we do to encourage persistence to graduation. Two campuses will share case studies to increase understanding of what it takes to keep students on our campuses. Data and strategies are presented from the traditional residential campus as well as the College of Adult and Graduate Studies.


CCCU 2017 Presidents Conference

2018 International Forum
January 31 – February 2, 2018
The Gaylord Texan
Dallas, TX

We’re proud to serve our CCCU schools and are a platinum level sponsor of this event.


Will you be in attendance? Let us know and we’ll look forward to meeting up with you!

25Jan 2017
McLennan Completion Summit 2017

Our partner and client, McLennan Community College, is hosting a Completion Summit on Friday, February 17. If you are near the Waco, TX area, we hope you can join us!

Completion Summit 2017

Building Success: Tools to Help Students Complete
February 17, 2016
McLennan Community College
Waco, TX

Session Topics: (tentative schedule)

  • Gaining Faculty Buy-In: Creating a Network of Care
  • How Do You Measure It? Assessment Techniques for the Hard to Quantify
  • Academic Coaching: Who, What, Where, and Why
  • Resources for Completion: Supporting Special Populations
  • Financial Literacy
  • Early Alert

24Jan 2017

We’re so excited to kick off our 2017 conference season by attending CCCU’s Presidents Conference again in Washington, DC. Our President, Matt Boisvert, will be in attendance and hopes you’ll stop by our table to find out how Relational Retention empowers your plan! We’re proud to serve our CCCU schools and be a silver level sponsor of this event.

CCCU 2017 Presidents Conference

2017 Presidents Conference
January 25 – 27, 2016
The Washington Court Hotel
Washington, DC

Will you be in attendance? Let us know and we’ll look forward to meeting up with you!

12Jul 2016
I Don't Want These Students

Serve the students you have, not the students you wish you had.

George D. Kuh often expresses this sentiment when he is describing what DEEP (Documenting Effective Educational Practice) schools do. As Jason De Sousa puts it, schools are “obligated to work with the students they have, not those they wish they had,” and that great schools have figured out how to do this with excellence.

It’s easy to wish you were serving a different kind of student than the ones you have: smarter students, students who know how to work hard, men and women who aren’t juggling the hardships of life, school and work at the same time, students who don’t have financial burdens, and/or those who are eager for learning…not just the degree.

What we mean when we say we want different students is that we don’t value our students, the ones we have.

You… maybe… don’t want the students you have. Continue reading

03Jun 2016

We’re happy to be back at ACSD again and excited to be at Gordon College, a Pharos client since 2012. It’s always great to see our current clients and meet new faces. Matt Boisvert and Rachel Phillips-Buck will be exhibiting and hope you’ll stop by!

ACSD 2016

Source: ABHE 2016

ACSD 2016

Come to the Table
June 6-9, 2015
Gordon College
Wenham, MA

Will you be in attendance? Let us know and we’ll look forward to meeting up with you!